Parent participation means a greater investment and greater return.

Cottonwood Preschool recognizes the parent as the child’s first and most important teacher. We support this role by providing opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children. Parent participation preschools are unique. When parents and teachers work together, the link between home and school is strengthened.

  • For children: parent involvement demonstrates that education and school experiences are valued.

  • For teachers: the varied talents and support of our parents enrich our classroom environment and reduce our adult/child ratio.

  • For parents: classroom participation provides an opportunity to gain insight and understanding of child development and supports the development of parenting skills useful in everyday interactions with children.

Parent Responsibilities

Cottonwood parents get to serve as helping parent once or twice a month, depending on class size. When you are helping parent you get to come early, stay through the entire class day, bring snack, and help clean up. 

Cottonwood parents have lots of opportunities to gather together as parents. This includes volunteer positions, as well as parent meetings and Parent Work Day, which happens once or twice a year.

Cottonwood parents also participate in all fund-raising projects.