Our Mission & Our Vision

Our purpose is to nurture an environment that honors human dignity, where both children and parents recognize and act from the innate goodness within them.

Our vision is a society where people recognize the innate goodness and value of each human being and act in a way that honors themselves and others, beginning in their own family.

Cottonwood’s History

Cottonwood Preschool is a non-profit corporation, founded in 1981 by a group of dedicated parents who identified a need for a pre-school program that was different than others in the Littleton area.

These parents imagined a preschool where their cooperative efforts could create a stimulating and exciting learning environment for their children. They created a school where parents could play a direct role in their child’s education.

Today, Cottonwood Preschool is one of a handful of parent cooperative preschools in the Denver area.

Our Board of Directors

The Cottonwood Board of Directors is a volunteer board made up of current parents, some staff members, and a community at large member.

Loni Huston-Eizenga - President
Gail Benson - VP
Lara Kroha - VP
Bruce Benson - Treasurer
Sarah Feldman Johnston - Secretary
Molly Layton - Community Member at large